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Numéro Art, the reference magazine for international contemporary art, selects the most influential personalities, events and places in contemporary creation

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The leading magazine on international contemporary art met with Rashid Johnson in his Brooklyn studio. 

The committed artist has become a global star in two decades, summoning African-American identity and history, revolt and culture in his work. Numéro art also met with the legend Georg Baselitz, who will be honored at the Centre Pompidou this fall with a highly anticipated retrospective. Bernard Blistène, curator of the exhibition and honorary director of the Museum of Modern Art, and Fabrice Hergott, director of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, testify in our pages about the importance of the German artist in the history of contemporary art.

Numéro has been a leading media in the world of fashion, contemporary art and culture. 

Numéro magazine creates a unique editorial and visual language blending fashion, beauty, art, and design. Numéro offers three editions: Numéro, Numéro Homme, Numéro Art.



Culture & Institutions

Numéro Art, the leading magazine for international contemporary art, features the most influential personalities, events and places in the contemporary creative scene.

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Within the pages of this edition, Pol Taburet, a young French talent jolting the art scene and the winner of the Reiffers Art Initiatives prize for contemporary creation and cultural diversity, invited Numéro Art into his Parisian studio. 

The Frenchman summons Creole quimbois, occult powers and US rap imagery in his hallucinatory and powerful paintings. Numéro Art also met up with British star Anish Kapoor in his studio to view his bloody and visceral works, which took Venice by storm during a brilliant two-part exhibition. Lastly, this issue pays homage to the renowned painter Marlene Dumas, whose carnal canvases masterfully create an enchanting mix between light and shadow in Venice’s Palazzo Grassi.



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